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EDU RE-PRINT won the “Young Enterprise Project 2021” organized by the non-profit organization Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, as local chapter of the Junior Achievement (JA) network, active in 122 countries, including 40 European countries and offering entrepreneurial education programs.


With its project, the EDU RE-PRINT team, wants to initiate students to the circular economy concept, by associating them actively to a concrete case-study: the process of recycling plastic bottles (PET)  into 3D printer filament and finally reusing latter for creating a common 3D print.

A small survey on the topic convinced us that, while people seemed very interested by our project, there is still a persisting lack in terms of communication on the opportunities and use of new technologies, such as 3D printers, in a recycling process as we propose. 

We want the EDU RE-PRINT project to be pro-active and concrete. Our goal is to highlight in an educational and non-abstract way, benefits of using said new technologies within a small-scale recycling process. By approaching our topics in ludic manner, we aim to promote sustainable development among youngsters.


RE-PRINT plans to work with schools joining the project, by interacting with their students, and involving them from the first stage of the recycling process until its final step, marked by a "Workshop", allowing them to realize 3D prints of small everyday objects. 

Finally, our team is convinced that its “educational” recycling project, could in the medium term, arise awareness for 3D printing technologie in schools, and create opportunities for latter to produce or develop at low cost, tools or parts for class or school projects, which unfortunately still to often require expensive, specific or non-existent parts on the market.

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